Announcing Our Move to NEO Home Loans

Announcing Our Move to NEO Home Loans

Mark Robertson – NEO Announcement from Mark Robertson on Vimeo.

You probably noticed our recent name change to NEO Home Loans. NEO represents the new expectations that clients should have of their mortgage company. We are committed to helping our clients grow their wealth and better understand their holistic financial situation, not just give them debt.

You can watch my video announcement for more information.

Hello, it’s Mark Robertson now with NEO Home Loans. We’ve just made the move and a lot of people are asking, “Hey, why did you make the move?”

Well, we want to have more autonomy. We want to have more control over the process, and we want to emphasize and change the industry when it comes to homeownership. So many people in our industry simply give a mortgage and say goodbye. We want each client to know how to leverage homeownership, build wealth, and make empowered decisions. That’s what we’re all about. With NEO, we’re going to be able to do that in a way that really isn’t done in the industry and we’re really excited about that.

Our contact number is still (858) 401-9353. You can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks so much. My team and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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