complaint policy

We value customer feedback and take complaints seriously.

Last Updated On 28-Jul-2023

Effective Date 24-Jul-2021



Customer Feedback and Resolution Policy


At our company, we place great importance on promptly addressing customer feedback, concerns, and issues. Every complaint, regardless of its size, is treated seriously, thoroughly investigated, and addressed promptly through appropriate remedial actions.


Upon receipt, each complaint is documented and logged into a dedicated system. The matter is then forwarded directly to the designated Customer Feedback Officer or their authorized representative to initiate the necessary actions.


To ensure accessibility, all complaints and corresponding records are maintained in a designated complaints binder, alongside the Quality Control Files of the Customer Feedback Officer and other relevant written policies. This arrangement enables our employees to easily access and utilize these resources, enhancing the quality of our customer service. Regular reports on complaints are discussed during meetings with our Board, enhancing our commitment to continuous improvement.


We remain steadfast in adhering to all Federal and State regulatory policies, including consumer protection, fair lending, and civil rights laws, as we strive to offer financial products and services to all our customers.


For more information, kindly reach out to us using the contact details provided on our Contact Page.