Introducing NEO Home Loans and our NEW Approach to Home Loans

Introducing NEO Home Loans and our NEW Approach to Home Loans

Until now, the mortgage industry has been very transactional and interest rate-focused with very little regard or strategy on which mortgage option is going to minimize your overall mortgage costs while simultaneously maximizing the amount of wealth that you build inside your real estate and other assets. Watch this video from Josh Mettle, a Division President of NEO Home Loans, explains their new approach to home loans.

At NEO Home Loans, we believe that taking on the biggest debt of your life, and buying potentially the biggest asset of your life in a new home, necessitates a pause. It requires careful consideration and deliberation over the right mortgage strategy. Which, contrary to popular belief and understanding, may not be the lowest interest rate.

We have the technology, tools and advice to be able to show you different mortgage strategies and how pulling those various levers can impact your overall wealth. As a home buyer, being rushed into choosing a mortgage strategy is just plain wrong.

NEO represents the new way to obtain a home loan. One with careful thought and deliberation around the strategy that’s going to maximize your long-term wealth. First and foremost, we believe that if we’re doing our job right, your mortgage loan closing is just the beginning to our relationship.

That’s where we continue to leverage the technology, the tools, the annual loan reviews that we do with you to constantly manage your mortgage. Make sure that the debt vehicle that you’re in is optimal for maximizing your wealth and reducing your overall debt expenses. We look forward to serving you and giving you some advice on which mortgage strategy is going to help maximize your wealth.

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