NEO home loans

Neo is Greek for new. We take a new approach to home loans.

The mortgage industry needs a new beginning.

Imagine a day when mortgage companies can no longer get away with just putting people into debt, but must equally focus on getting people out of debt and showing them how to leverage their home to maximize their wealth.

We believe successful homeowners – who have a plan to maximize their wealth and minimize their monthly expenses – make better neighbors and build stronger communities for us all.

We created the NEO logo as a symbolic commitment to our relationship with you. We believe the closing of your home loan is
where our relationship and guidance begin.

As your financial situation evolves and changes, we will be the constant guide you can count on. We aspire to become the most valuable person in your life when it comes to real estate and finance.

Ultimately, our success as a company is not measured by how many loans we do, but by how successful you become.

Why NEO home loans?

We have the technology, tools and advice to be able to show you different mortgage strategies and how pulling those various levers can impact your overall wealth.


We will find and execute a mortgage strategy that make sense for you.


discovery call

Before we recommend a mortgage strategy, we take the time to learn about your long-term goals and current financial situation. We can do this by phone, video or in-person. 


financial strategy

After analyzing mortgage options with the lowest costs and greatest prosperity potential, we create your Total Cost Analysis. This detailed report is easy-to-read and maps out your path to wealth.


loan execution

Today’s real estate market is more competitive than ever. To put you in your dream home, we position you as the most prepared and qualified home buyer in the market.