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This is a well run operation, everyone on the team is always quick to answer questions and to keep you well informed. I have never... read more
Michael  P A Avatar
Michael P A
Detailed explanation and communication. Thorough emails about current and future state
Namit  M P Avatar
Namit M P
Excellent communication and guidance. It felt very seamless with very minor hiccups which are all normal.
Pamela  L F Avatar
Pamela L F
The whole team made the process of buying our first home go smoothly! From beginning to end they helped us along the way, and were... read more
Jamie  N J Avatar
Jamie N J
I was very frustrated because I was anxious to move from my prior home. The team talked me through the whole process and explained everything... read more
Myrna M Avatar
Myrna M
The entire process was smooth. Great communication the whole way.
Kristin S Avatar
Kristin S
Everyone was super helpful. Top service and great advice from Mark. It seemed that everyone really cares.
Marion  M S Avatar
Marion M S
Michelle was very communicative about the whole process. And explained upcoming steps long the way.
Christopher Y Avatar
Christopher Y
They made it a bit easier to deal with the loan process when we were out of town and not able to meet in person.
Jonathan  M S Avatar
Jonathan M S
Great professional service from the whole team. When Kaitlin went out of office the handoffs were seamless.
Erik  T P Avatar
Erik T P
The team was AMAZING! I knew what was happening every step of the way. They took an interest in making sure I knew all options... read more
Safeena A Avatar
Safeena A
Both Camela and Michelle made my experience more than pleasant!
Reisheid  L D Avatar
Reisheid L D
The communication was great, every step of the way. The process was quick and easy. If we had questions, they were answered immediately.
Janette  M S Avatar
Janette M S
Michelle Antonio was a very pleasant and knowledgeable person to work with.
ROBERT  G D Avatar
Kaitlin was amazing! She led us through the process and was very responsive
Cynthia F Avatar
Cynthia F
Seamless and amazing experience. I was on a tight timeline and Mark, Camilla and Kaitlyn delivered. Great communication and professionalism by the whole team.
Courtney G Avatar
Courtney G
His constant communication on the process and how things were proceeding. I loved all the updates.
Miracle K Avatar
Miracle K
Mark, your team is great! Glad they came with you...!
Suzanne G Avatar
Suzanne G
Communication, thoroughness, and understanding to help us through our purchase. The experience made sure we felt comfortable and were teamed with individuals who cared... read more
Robert M Avatar
Robert M
Very good communication, and follow through on all steps of the process.
Scott  D C Avatar
Scott D C
Everyone on the team! Special mention, we loved working with Kaitlin and Camilla!
Soroush  M A Avatar
Soroush M A
Michelle & Camila were very knowledgable and did a great job explaining things, answering questions, and prompt responsiveness.
Christina Y Avatar
Christina Y
We were first time buyers, so the level of info in th communications and responsiveness was amazing for us
John  J M Avatar
John J M
Camilla and Michelle are true professionals and wonderful to work with. They communicated with us very often throughout every step of the re-fi process.
Jennifer  A B C Avatar
Jennifer A B C
Easy to work with, great communication throughout which meant no surprises. They followed through with their timeline and commitment to close on time. Easiest mortgage... read more
Paul  E K Avatar
Paul E K
Mark and his team worked with us throughout a very challenging relocation from Texas to San Diego and provided great advice on the market and... read more
Ronald  C S Avatar
Ronald C S
Any questions I had were immediately answered and resolved. Kaitlin Lehr is wonderful and it is apparent she cares about her clients. I worked... read more
Catherine  C R Avatar
Catherine C R
Everybody involved answered ALL of my many questions, responded so quickly and made the process feel easy and smooth. Thank you so much for helping... read more
Rachel  A H Avatar
Rachel A H
The staff was communicative and took the time to explain important details. They were always available to answer any questions.
Sumiti J Avatar
Sumiti J
The clear and concise communication on a transaction that has many moving parts put us at ease knowing that our refi would close on time.... read more
Damion  K A Avatar
Damion K A
Mark and team made our refi process go very smoothly. Everyone involved was very helpful and responsive to any questions we asked. The technology they... read more
Michael  A M Avatar
Michael A M
Mark and his team are phenomenal. Hard working great communicators and above all honest!
Steve S Avatar
Steve S
It was a pleasure working with Mark's team. Michelle's communication was top notch! From our quickly updated Pre-Approval letters through COE. We are grateful to... read more
Lisa A F Avatar
Lisa A F
Mark and his team are pro's. They keep everyone fully informed of all steps along the way, they are available to answer questions, and are... read more
Jennifer W Avatar
Jennifer W
Mark Robertson and his team is very responsive and professional. The entire process was very easy and efficient. I highly recommend Mark and... read more
Laura J Avatar
Laura J
The communication of what was needed for each step was very clear and easy to follow.
Mark D M Avatar
Mark D M
Marks team is Great! They pay close attention to detail and get thinngs done in a timely manner.
Gregory L P Avatar
Gregory L P
Mark and his team operate at a high level and offer unprecedented support and communications compared to the rest of the industry. We... read more
Matthew S Avatar
Matthew S
Mark and his team are the BEST! Mark and his team took over my loan application from someone else that didn't do a very good job to begin with (shall we say... read more
Gregg Lloyd Avatar
Gregg Lloyd
Great Company and Great Team! Mark and his team were extremely helpful and great to work with!!!! They are all super nice and very informative!! Top notch service... read more
hjohnson819 Avatar
Best Service Ever! The entire team was so easy to work with and very timely. Their communication was spot on and I would work with them again for... read more
cmuniz937 Avatar
Mark Robertson’s team ROCKS!! Mark and his team of stellar professionals guided me through a complicated home purchase with ease. His underwriting team was extremely proactive and ultimately we... read more
Kelle S Avatar
Kelle S
5 Star Service From start to finish the process was seamless and very easy! Never had to wait to get answers and they were all super helpful! Not... read more
HMV2269 Avatar
Excellent! They were a patient and efficient team- never hesitating to reach out to us when anything changed, and they were always happy to answer ALL... read more
Nicole Avatar
Helpful in a stressful time Mark and his team we extremely patient and helpful during the stressful time of home buying. Everyone was very courteous, kind and they were always... read more
blackkatt Avatar
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